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Anti-Peep Magnetic Phone Case

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Anti-Peep Privacy: After applying, you can see your screen from the front but it goes invisible when seeing from the two sides, thereby keeping your privacy safe.

Metal Magnetic CaseFor easy removal and installation. Strong magnetic adsorption to protect the phone from damage. 

Transparent Tempered Glass Cover  (Front & Back) + Metal BumperShows the original phone design that preserves the phone natural appearance. 

Signal Free:  Case doesn't have any material that will block your GPS, Wi-Fi, or mobile signal.


Keep your information safe from strangers in portrait or landscape viewing modes. Others can't see your phone screen from the side less than 45°, which can protect your information, texts, and passwords from peeping.

This magnetic case for the iPhone with screen protector can protect your data and information security at any time.

Easy Installation 

Our anti peeping magnetic case adopts magnetic adsorption technology, installed in one second.

Wireless Charging 

The magnetic case supports wireless charging without removing the case and is not easy to absorb heat when charging.

Non-Blocking Signal

The magnetic case for various iPhone models is Ultra designed without any properties that will block your GPS, Wi-Fi, or mobile signal.

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