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Anti Gravity Phone Case

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Nano Technology: Nano sized suction cups enables your phone to stick on any smooth flat surface.

Top Grade Phone ProtectionProtects your phone from scratches, phone drops, and dust.

Perfect Fit Designed exclusively for the iPhone featuring access to all control and features; perfect cutouts for speakers, camera and the charging port. Easy to install and easier to take off.  

Reusable & Durable:  If dust and hair stick to the surface, just wipe the case with a little water and re-use!


Tired of holding your phone? It would be great if you could just mount it right? With the Anti Gravity phone case, simply attach your phone onto a solid surface such as glass, metal, and even your computer screen. If you're applying makeup, watching the news while you're shaving, FaceTiming, or even making Tik-Toks, this case helps you perform your favorite activities hands-free. 

Easy Installation & Wireless Charging 

Our anti gravity case adopts adsorption technology, installed in one second.

The case supports wireless charging without removing the case and is not easy to absorb heat when charging.

Non-Blocking Signal

The anti-gravity case for various iPhone models is ultra designed without any properties that will block your GPS, Wi-Fi, or mobile signal.

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