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Konradless - MySimpleEssential - Oxford Garment Duffle BagKonradless - MySimpleEssential - Oxford Garment Duffle Bag


What do you like about the oxford garment duffle bag and how does it serve you?

What I like the most about the oxford garment duffle bag is that I can carry shirts, jackets and jackets without having to worry that my things will get wrinkled. While traveling, I always wonder if an iron will be available in the hotel because I know my things in the suitcase are definitely crumpled, but now with this bag I don't have to worry about it anymore!

Another thing I really like about this bag is that it is so spacious - there is space for clothes, shoes and accessories! Cool! The quality is great and design as well - it looks great no matter if you are wearing a dapper or casual outfit!
When and how did you start your Minimalism journey?
I consider myself still a beginner in minimalism. My minimalism journey started around 2 years ago. How it started?

It probably started the same way as the adventure with minimalism is starting for many people - when I was moving to a new flat - I noticed how many things I have that I haven't used for several years and how many clothes that I haven't worn for more than a year ...

The big role also has some instagram profiles that I started to follow. These people on their profiles conveyed the message that quality is more important than quantity and pointed out that we consume more and more, we accumulate a lot of new things that should make us happy - but the effect is quite the opposite - having more, we become more unhappy.
Konradless - MySimpleEssential - Oxford Garment Duffle Bag 5Konradless - MySimpleEssential - Oxford Garment Duffle Bag 6

What advice can you offer to people interested in living a minimalist fashionable lifestyle?
For the ones that already are in the beginning of their minimalism journey and they are wondering how to keep this minimalism lifestyle my advice is that before every time you are going to buy something new - ask yourself a few questions - Do I really need it? Is the fit okay? Is quality good? How many times am I going to wear it? Maybe I had something similar already in my wardrobe? and the most important question - is it really in my style or is it just a seasonal trendy piece?  - this list of questions helped me avoid buying a lot of unnecessary items and saving a lot of money.


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